I sometimes think of that shapeless time of childhood. We were all there once: a cross-legged fledgling with book in lap, tapping the door of enchantment. Yet for some of us, like me, that time of reading fairy tales has never ceased.

As an adult, my rereadings have revealed new layers of cultural codes in the tales, ones invisible to me as a child. For this reason, I'm curious. I like to trace the tales as they move through history. And I love to paint them to better understand them, me, us--and how these stories have survived over the millenia to thrive as cultural icons, still, in contemporary times.


Rouges At Play ,2010, sumi brush ink and Japanese paints, 10 x 8 inches

Forest nymph, acrylic, ink and Japanese paints on wood, dyptych,  20 x16 inches


Early Winter,  Japanese paints, acrylic, crayon, pastel on washi paper, 84 x37 inches



Red, oil on linen, 60 x 40 inches


Sick of housework and their incessant whistling, she... , digital painting (on iPad)


The way to mother's house, ink, watercolor on washi paper, digitally colored, 14 x 11 inches


Persephone, digital painting (on iPad)

Fox, sumi ink on paper, over felt-tip pen tree drawing. 7 x 5 inches


Yeh -Shen's odyssey (detail) , Jananese paints, acrylic, pastel on old Asian screen , 72 x 26 inches


Yeh -Shen's odyssey, 2010, Jananese paints, acrylic, pastel on old Asian screen , 72 x 26 inches



Yeh -Shen in Wedding Veil, (installation at San Francisco Main Public Library), oil on linen, 60 x 40 inches


Zezolla, Cinderella from Italy, acyrlic on wood, 5" x 5"

Red Woods, Japanese paints, ink, charcoal on washi paper, 84 x 37 inches



Nomi, Cinderella of South Africa, acrylic paints on acrylic block, 7 x 5 inches


Looking Back , acrylic on hard board, dyptych, 32 x 24